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To do that, we create Timberland Boots and clothing that will keep you Keep Warm longer, further, faster and happier. 

We are proud of our hard-earned reputation for engineering footwear that provides the perfect ride for every stride, and the ideal fit for every foot type. 

Timberland creates men's and women's shoes for feet big and small, wide and narrow, in need of support, or looking for a little cushion. Not sure what shoes are best for your run? Just check out our great Shoe finder tool for advice.
Whilst Genuine Leather Boots are our forte, our sports clothing range also benefits from the same commitment to performance and focus on the run. Combined with the latest in fabric technologies and style trends, the result is a collection of shorts, tops, jackets, vests, socks and accessories that will maximise your comfort and performance. Whether it's a lunch time jog, or a marathon, we believe that the run has the power to transform a day, a year, a life! 

It's a path to strength, confidence, health and happiness. 

So what are you waiting for?